Subterrannean Yellowcake Alien

we landed emus on the moon & fed them cake until they glowed until we could see them from maralinga or woomera (from whence they came) its petri-satellite dishes growing absurd corruptions of our original superpower dreams [hiroshima moruroa maralinga] a future where girls worry their bikini lines into shape formations of crystals metamorphose into undersea microphones in stereo & we are alone now on our rocky outcrop of a signal station babe did you see that flash? it's british aerospace dude & the natives can go walkabout (the ground glows underfoot persistent rumours of odd illnesses the dreamtime sicknesses [los alamos nagasaki yucca flats] somehow affecting even our general macarthur born in the loading bay that night in incheon he gathered mushrooms from the pacific theatre's map the optional korean solution impregnated like a microchip for lost dogs somewhere above another numberless parallel babes go topless in the radiant heat one size to reveal all malignancies hot wires to trigger the mutant marsupials into action remotely our lunar armies blasted into battle formations [teheran pyongyang fallujah]


Anonymous said…
i was thinking of a big "bong" drop version with something akin to paraphrasing:

[Wyong Woodberry Wollongong]
Anonymous said…
... wonoona ... west wyalong ... wolli ...
Anonymous said…
or how about a big "oops"

[watergate...bay of pigs...columbia]

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