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The Wind Beneath My Wings

This should come as quite a relief: I know it's been around for ages but the online Public Toilet Map of Australia is an astounding piece of work. That's all I've got to say really.

impossible socks

socks from guernsey socks of bristol ariadnes thread is a whistle steam rising higher than bi-planes arc wool damp with mud-sweat wedged into every second parcel from home a rain of letters withers a day impossible stocks hatred dreaming socks stitches several strings a colour electric as a rag picker bundle stashed in moments before a lightning flash a grenade guards the exit even the future is darned

Update: Clint Bo Dean is [not] dead

Contrary to the rumours circulated by myself, CBD is alive and well . But I have started another new blog, [dnrc] , just for something to do. Now I just need to post something on it. Hee hee, and long live CBD.