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He's back!

Yes, it's true: Davey Dreamnation is officially back on the block. This is the last post I will be publishing here, although I'll still maintain the site for sentimental reasons. To get on board, check out what's new and get over to [d/dn v.10] by clicking on the link above or below - and update your bookmarks accordingly! So long and thanks for all the raisins.

Abendland reviewed online etc ...

My chapbook Abendland (pictured left, details ) has been reviewed by Philly poet Adam Fieled on his excellent blog. Check out the review here . As far as I can tell, this is the first time my work has ever been reviewed, anywhere. I only have a couple of copies of the book left, but I hope to make an announcement soon as to a possible re-release, along the lines of Pavement's Slanted and Enchanted . For those who don't have a clue what I'm talking about, Pavement's debut full length album circulated unofficially as a cassette tape in the early 1990s, with the consequence that it was well known "underground" before being released, erm, "overground". So, if you'd like to possess a copy of the original chapbook, and would like to be able to tell your grandkids that you got in there first, before the Abendland project went mainstream, contact me via email . Like, today. In other spellbinding news, sure to get Stung seething, I've finally bitten

War Flowers

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Never let it be said that Davey Dreamnation, that strange pixellated figment of the collective insomnia cookie, is one to rest on his laurels. In fact, 2007 is only days old and already he has released four new titles in the DNRC catalogue, all of them dated prospectively, that is, in the future. Fans of Lost In Translation will be seething at the thought of having to wait three years to listen to the astonishing aural impediment that is Wasabi Peace: "Like, Dude" . Similarly, ears and noses will be bleeding around the world at the news that the orgasm that is Clint Bo Dean: "Never Go Ashtray" has also not yet come to pass. Those with an evil taste for Christmas and a tan will be secretly incarcerated by The Four Calling Birds: "Fa La La!" . Finally, who could fail to be astonished, moved and catapulted into heavenly hootie by the incandescent vision of life on Mars bars that is Hoodie Over Heels: "Hoodie Over Heels" . Look and learn, Sony BMG.