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Enough Said!


Tanker 2


Ye ken what day it be today, ye land lubbers?

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar! Sorry.

Tell Me If This Is Getting Boring


imaginary cities: feli (live at Babble)

Here's another Babble poem, complete with introduction by Sean M. Whelan and barely audible crowd-heckling from Eddie the Bush Poet, who you might be able to hear claiming that this could be the last poem I ever perform live. Still waiting for that one to eventuate. The poem itself is taken from my Imaginary Cities project, written while I was in Seoul last year. You can view all of the cities online at my pcbangs blog .


Nearly 90 poets from around the world have contributed to Babylon Burning: 9/11 five years on , an anthology of poems on the Twin Towers atrocity and its consequences. But they aim for more than pious hand-wringing: the anthology is free, but the editors request that readers donate to the Red Cross. nthposition, the site behind the anthology, wants to maximise the money raised by listing it on iTunes as a PDF. (Only a handful of publishers are putting PDFs on iTunes, and they tend to be techie rather than literary.) Fourteen per cent of internet users visit iTunes [1]. Though sales of poetry books are flat, online poetry is booming, poetry downloads rose by 40% last year and DEF Poetry Jam on HBO introduced a vast new � and young � audience to poetry, which nthposition wants to reach. Critic Marjorie Perloff recently remarked that the internet is "more fluid, flexible, and much more accommodating" than print for poetry. Todd Swift, the poetry editor, agreed: "Auden sa