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Experimental Travel

Experimental Travel , written by Rachael Antony and Joël Henry, is as the title suggests all about experimental travel, whether it be spending a weekend blindfolded, travelling to K2 on the map or wearing a cow's head. I'm lucky enough to have been a contributor to the book (which looks awesome, despite Lonely Planet's decision not to list the authors' names on the cover - bad, bad). My exercise was to travel around the world via a bookshelf. Probably not as interesting as some of the other examples in the book unless you're a bibliophile, like me. But well worth checking out. Double props to Rach and Joël!


The special editors' issue of Cordite is online and looking good, even if I do say so myself. I've even snuck in one of my own poems , to celebrate the thankless editorial tasks I submit myself to. Next up: the special Children of Malley issue. Yes indeedy, me.


I have moved the Clint Bo Dean story (Parts 1, 2 and 3 so far) over to Clint's own site , as he is getting a little lonely. I'll hopefully be adding more to it soon.

Korea ...

I'm off to Seoul, Korea in late August as an Asialink resident. You can check out my profile on the Asialink site . I'm hoping to set up a separate blog to document my time there. More on this soon.