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More poems (online and anthologised) ...

I've just had two poems published on a US-based blog called PFS Post . They're called "Dying On The Vine(s)" and "Eight Miles High". You can view em here . I've also got two poems, entitled "Avalon V" and "Inna" in the forthcoming Future Welcome: Moosehead Anthology X , edited by Todd Swift and published by DC Books out of Canada. The blurb on the website states, amongst other things, the following: Future Welcome includes daring and often thrilling new writing from some of the 21st century�s best prose and poetry writers, such as: David Wevill, Sina Queyras, Raymond Hsu, Robert Minhinnick, Annie Freud, bill bissett, Patrick Chapman, Meredith Quartermain, Jason Camlot, Liane Strauss, Todd Colby, Jennifer K. Dick, John Hartley Williams, Louise Bak, Hal Sirowitz, Adeena Karasick, Mike Marqusee, Kavita Joshi, Stan Rogal, Tammy Armstrong, Richard Peabody, Jenna Butler, Ali Riley, Jon Paul Fiorentino, David Prater, J. R. Carpenter, David

London Crawling

I'm now back in Seoul after a week in London. Highlights included seeing Sarah (of course), catching up with old friends including Kathleen and Mark and seeing fellow-poet Todd Swift. Oh, and I watched a bit of darts on the TV too. The task of putting photos up on this blog is so laborious that I'll just grace it with a few iconic snaps. For more details, see Sarah's blog - she's much better than me at this sort of thing. Must go: jetlag beckons. Sarah scoffs afternoon tea at Harrod's (Dodi and Diana shrine not pictured). Some bridge in London. Doctor Who's new residence. The London Eye (as seen in War of the Worlds). Umm ... Not happy, Jan.

Update/ No Update

Hi to everyone in cyberland. I've been too busy to put anything up on here for a little while, as my energies have been directed towards getting my head around Seoul , trying to reign in the creative excesses of Clint Bo Dean , the world's worst-coiffured superstar and cataloguing the vast output of Davey Dreamnation's record company, DNRC . The Cordite Newsblog has also been revived, after months of wrangling with MYSQL database tables. Grrr. Nevertheless I have had some good news on the poetry front, with a poem accepted in The Age in August ( read it here ), another forthcoming in Famous Reporter in October (link soon) and a third in Overland, due out in December. I've also pretty much completed transcribing the poems from Abendland, all of which were written in Europe and America in July and August this year (scroll down this page for the full listing). Expect another fresh batch when I hit the road again in December. Until then, stay well and eat yer greens. Oh,