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fur shore the sleigh bard conkle drum /bitter hens & dings this (the pier) /boy or no tone ever he won than hick hoes fur that icy tear /know bye hell her fainting quarry /bolster firm there dress the gale /fashed on pint in stretcher cans /vast hemp spires great nor wear nor hear /fool of shite my song burr heckles /wince hat both her pearse had ears - boye sigh ted lost cockles bray /sped end last threw hour finest gaeltacht eire


nor the key and the woman nor the girl and the moon nor the blindingly human nor the shard for the tune and the hill for the crescent and the pond for the scale and the continuous present and the smile save the braille in the table save billows in the mirror save clouds in the triumphant pillows in the bib it's the shroud it's the same now the ebbing it's the time now the most it's the estuarine webbing it's the girl and the ghost


not the tree but the man not the fire but the boys not the emergency plan not the silence nor noise but the swan or the glass but the time or the dream but the elegant trespass but the wings and the stream and the wind not the boat and the blood not the bay and the soundless float and the voice but the day or the nail nor the wishes or the tray but the ball or the unwashed dishes or the men but the all

Swans of Galway

i never did believe in sygnets nor families of swans but now both paddle up the canal beside me like the girls of my dreams ... downy fluffy beige & beautiful eight sygnets swallow stream water in long-necked gulps right legs stretched & contorted above as left flippers gliding on mother & father following drowsily behind nearer & further away white as wisdom gentle as the truths of birth growth & slow decline death the black swans feather sqiunting eyes that see it all & eight more stories to sing ...

Chinese Boys

in the bars & on the streets picking up where the lads left off filling buckets & gathering glasses/ stories together disapora of the unions past performing their apprenticeships at low cost frifting off to sleep after downing two three pints of the hot stuff love is work or the new life an exile from the new olympia harsh the memory of previous loves childhoods all gone now a void where snoring millions sleep on holidays now rested saving up for accommodation (two rooms)

Dublin Gulls

twin shells at tiny ears siren like in stereo scattering this sky heard bombs dropped on the square two gulls explode into scent-shredding flowers singing the ocean that was always there just above this rooftop that line of terraces this millennial needle insomnia sugar crossed with shimmer bring down the summer house shorten the squall catalogue the furtive glance the doppler chill this shining squalor dance with the wind electric hasten that ineffable smear

An Air

yours the hidden skeleton key to the unmarked bar or stave blue sky is your modus operandi words your new indentured slave rusted car parts bark a melody whittled down thewood behaves noxious weeds crowd out their satdiums anthem as archetrave solemn night rides blow whistles dusted angels attending the rave elephantic eyes like goggles teenage flesh the ancient crave side by side the lyrics goose-step hinting at the right depraved honesty's the fearsome shingle airs come rushing from the grave

Walt Whitman Service Area

i sing the throbbing pains of your great nation's bad coffee hot plates keeping the entropy warm all along the turnpikes heroes' names dissected by the moon-like stares of motorists stupified by the concrete glare i sing the car electric may it render your oil wars useless though to be truthful walt these you never did envisage may the worn hands of peace close together over industries as the radio's turnpike downs rock us all to a gentle sleep to each of our final rest areas

Thomas Pynchon & America

you remain the least of their paranoid worries smouldering up the hudson flowing grey hair they paid for tips once now change is loose vengeance cold uniformed stares outside exits and gas stations over platforms red numbers an eye for a letter destinations yelp songs for the settled obvious melodies time warp plotlines distinguished by our humours ascend gently into that dim light hands stretching out to catch the glowing halos of redwood the liant laser beams (truths


the flow the scarper past rivers red with bombast my eradication plans did yield a smaller grain a compromise burst forth with sibillances scatter rayguns picturing the jetsons at LAX the fields of traffic yielding to the dollar scones with pearl jam or cream (clapton) appluading sorority blues grim dual under-carriage wayfarers snotty underfoot buried seeds bionic brains set to please from the get-go my go slow like a gentle maple leaf or yield.

[d'dn] at number 1 - again

This is getting a bit boring now - but davey dreamnation is sitting pretty at number 1 on the lo-fi charts , again. Thanks everyone.

I signed a petition ...

... against VSU in Australian universities. Check out the size of it - and the famous names on the petition - here . Yoiks.

Washington Sirens

i can hear union station pealing taking its constitutional in the green mile mall the siren has gout speculation rises to the level of the ambassador's ambulance driver rides the whoopy-whoo for some arcane reason cf dan brown i'm pole dancing electric ambivalence wireless hot spots the metro's early seventies concrete casting lights flash by the stage music's a genius you heard it once i've been here twice all sirens sound exactly the same these days ...

Super Power

the side of a passing red bus who can discern what's now nuclear what simply oil or pre- digitail ladders elongated hopes quiet streets & busy boulevardes with disregard for the french speak slowly totally super is this power struggle between my own two hands we drive coast to coast strung out but tour- tight alternating headlines on midnight soundchecks set lists written in texta across some skinny groupie's breasts (no encores)


pale face never in control remember to cry it's a buzz we live for then we die or did i hear that in a song? pillion side saddle tempt the verge a highway's inside symbols leather road lights death is short only life lingers - maps of pueblo design evoke grander gestures sigh crossings from our reversed dispersal who's that diving in the river? shadow him follow close shenandoah


i'll slide off this face like the ice cream off your north base jump the perfect foil one side like a heat wave or marathon runner's pulse the slave to sunlight hiding drugs or coiled around the pit this far side cool as crisp fridge lettuce breaking into our conversations like some blip on the catastrophe as radar thin as paper wedged near perfection into domes alone helpless torn tarnished chrome

Bridges Ice Before Highways

love thaws before freezing over setting twice as thick across following the bridges backs the rusted green lantern points like a dollar bill that never existed since this amnesty creates a frozen last option the flat bed journey of these days seeps down instead into the cooling water table where only yesterday things seemed fine though overcast storms hinted at did not appear - bridges ice before highways here

Pomes what I have wrote

Here in Washinbgton DC it's muggy and my credit's running out so this is peppy: check out some of me poems online here at nthposition and here on Todd Swift's blog. Check them out. Back soon. Peppy pepys. Pepsis.

Yo La Tengo

ira caplan's sonic squall rips new york's fourth of july gulls from the captivities of silence like a chainsaw through a bough of glass or chalk on yesterday's pavement; a soul possessed by demons determined to explode his body jerks with stock-market indices richter scale on jersey's fretboard; blinding sounds erupt then ribbon out dangling notes along the blue-green themes in a park for homeless evangelists shredding civic programmes deep in a feedback dream blooming into atonal squiggles of sound an express blast of manhole heat a peacebomb dropped on america heaving swollen thrashed a loop of pure non-violence & entropy a firework of stars & stripes tearing the sky a new arsehole