Delete Forever

go on uh huh hit delete nah nah go on do it hit the button waha hit delete hit delete make like babyshambles pete hit yer headz then be dead hit delete forever pete make believe uh huh uh huh go on & do it delete forevers & still be clever as pete deletes his band & his mates his arms & go go pete girl get deleted oho pete & i were gunna get deleted forever! gunna die forever well maybe pete uh huh delete i dont really wanna know (uh huh oases of rehab shimmer in the mists o albion pete yeah what delete ah what a waster pete go on hit it delete forever pete why not who cares uh huh can we just have a g pete before you delete a beat or bleat about forever pete aha hit it pete! drive blind & then repeat pete crossfade the snowz pete delete forever make it hit pete hit it pete forever delete


Adam Fieled said…
Hey man....uh leave me alone....hey man....uh henry get off the phone....I got a stain on my face....this mossy-thighed chick just put my spine outta're a rock & roll suicide...
Paul said…
You'll got shock my my posting//
I try to find your website...It is not easy..But, I finally found..
Have a good time!

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