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Last week the Victoria police thought they'd scored the hit of the century: the world's first positive drugged driver. It was a little weird at the time seeing every news outlet parrot the story, which was based on a roadside test that now, oh dear, it seems was completely bodgy. The guy who was "caught" with meth and dope in his system is considering suing the police and I don't blame him. All I'm waiting for now is for someone testing positive to be charged with "possession". What's even more bizarre is that the equipment being used to do these roadside tests was actually trialled at Swinburne University, where I work. Looks like it's back to the drawing board, boffins.


Anonymous said…
hey davey: now that you're sorta the poet-laureate-in-waiting, hows about a chrissie poem - you know the post-christian deconstructed re-engineered type?

and may both of your and Sarah's yules be tid(y) :)

julian lennon

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