[d/dn] v8: RIP

As you'll see, this blog has gone through another carnation, this time a kind of cherry tomato red. Welcome to [d/dn] v9, which will hopefully grow into a more sophisticated beast over time. I'll be archiving these posts over the next few days (I think there's exactly one hundred here!), so that we can all move on. Thanks for your comments, everyone. Looking forward to the new us!


Anonymous said…
Beguiling and deceptive is the life of the world, fruitless its labour, perilous its delight, poor its riches, delusive its honors, inconstant, insignificant; and woe to those who hope in its seeming goods: because of this many die without repentance.
Blessed and most blessed are those who leave the world and its desires.
Nazarius - a desert father

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