only these three things can make me cry images of deaf children hearing for the first time (the first word: mother) a look of utter joy most of us cannot remember a memory of my mother bringing me hot chocolate and a biscuit she drops the tray that one makes me cry small families with no money and those looks in a little one's eyes battered and bludgeoned by capital somehow even these two lovers managed to hold hands to these i can now add the fourth trigger unhappy water puppets in hanoi a laughing boy spits water out of his mouth though one-dimensional how could i fail to feel sorry for him and you my love we have a million reasons to cry our impending departures weigh heavily on your eyes just close them how it will be all right we are together now & i can hear your baby & her looks of stunned surprise so that's what the word for you sounds like all along there has been no need to utter single syllables old times though it's hard laugh at everyone else only these five things can make me cry


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