Mit Gas!

could you be flirting with me (tiny periwinkle of a trip-hop soundtrack? was that a smile (pretty vacuous air bubble at the bottom of this glass? come here slide down my throat (abstract freckle of a thirst quencher hobo of the backwash past (reboot the soda stream of our invisible passions (poet of the cafe bar menu (lifeguard of the frozen bottle (remove yourself from this moment (stolen password of my internet identities (echo chamber of my dream lover�s rehearsal refill this loneliness (unbranded apple flavoured liquid cinnamon doughnut of a daydream (drink me wearing sunglasses (crucial sunshade of a postcard meeting (intern of the hotel romancers change my channel (aqua blue but invisible shapeless nomad of my early morning coffee headband greeting (effervesce my face (pigtail non-plussed crude translation of a mineral (once more mit gas (repeat mit gas (i kiss your aerated body (pump the spray (ignite the liquid gel of your sihouetted trace in the neverending launchings of your emissary specks (in nitrous legions (like your kin (the bends


Craig Bellamy said…
Hi David,

This is hardly the workings of a man who wants to struggle in isolation. I hope that the realignment of your world is going bonza. I'm going *really* well after a couple of slow years. I'll tell you about it one day.

Hope to you when you get back my friend,

Craig Bellamy
(online since 1975)
Anonymous said…
all that for one pesky little bubble ... ???

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