breaks it down & pulls it out & blows up with a sonic whoo-hoo! boy wheelbarrow atlas pines & the guru josh (splat matter terminal bohos & sprinting programmes colossal frenetic spaced-out & sane like a metaphor for similes or a goo-shaved belt-buckle international collateral dam age of aquarius you confused with "hair" tied back in a pony-trail sideways babe don`t look back be proud to attack the rhyme of riots the wide black timelines street crimes they won`t ever mention boing! all your money`s gone draining balanced like an empty tightrope wire between pure space & future weeds on introductory collision courses solemn as a broken bird at a garage sale later dudes wash their stares mixing greys & antiseptic whites (while translation whales transmit comic rays onto silver burritos bloc party & a new iprequel stop it there reverse & shadow hands abendland go betweens morgenland now appearing on yesterday`s maps


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