Poetry Picture Show

In breaking news I've been chosen as one of ten poets to participate in a project organised by Johanna Featherstone's The Red Room, a Sydney-based arts company specialising in poetry projects for screen, radio, print and real space. Entitled Poetry Picture Show, the project asks each of us to write an original poem inspired by the theme of the �picture show�, and poetry�s relationship to moving images. Will you check out the line-up, it's like the poetry Big Day Out: JS HARRY, JOHN TRANTER, DAVID PRATER, EMMA JONES, IVY ALVAREZ, NATHAN SHEPHERDSON, KATE LILLEY, BRIOHNY DOYLE, FELICITY PLUNKETT and SARAH HOLLAND BATTS. Poems will be presented as podcasts and moving images, with a project blog and other untold stuff to come.


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