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Okay so this post is just to let youse know (ie you, David Lynch, Julian Lennon, Chris de Burgh, Russell Crowe et al) that due to the changeover from YACCS (which I love but sorry guys, it doesn't cut the mustard no more) we have lost all of your riveting comments. The plus side of this is that the 50+ posts in this incarnation of [d/dn] are now free and available for comment roaming - check out the "Recent Posts" links on the right hand side to access the ten posts up to and including this one (the way this works is that for each individual entry, when you access that page, the "Recent Posts" links will refer to the ten posts *before that one*). To go further back in time, click on the links listed below "Archives". Fresh fields of comments ... I feel a little dizzy with the potential of it all.


Anonymous said…
Sept 19, 2004 (International Talk Like a Pirate Day)
Ahoy, me hearties! By the powers and wi' a wannion, we was loaded to the gunwales for several days after going on the account in the Gulf of Tonkin to return through the Straits of Molacca. Avast, ye sea dogs, not from lily-liveredness, mark me, but celebrating the Fiddler's Green that Vietnam turned out to be.

Now what's all this about change ?!?!

Julian Lennon
Anonymous said…
I posted one yesterday for International Talk Like a Pirate Day, but it seems to have gone astray.

Hope no dedicated piratophiles missed out.

Julian Lennon
David Prater said…
Hi Julian,

great to have you back!!

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