Emotional Detox

just where the instrumental kicks in i�m down at reception signing names now she�s back from hell�s other wing stirring up trouble beneath our skins clouds sown with rain seeds as down systems beyond the understanding of space entrepreneurs see their boring powers & if they want to photograph me from space they�re welcome to it just remember they�ll be dead some day too (just like walt disney�s head we�re only information conduits & if you think they�re watching you then they are if even a small part of what we suspect is true then paranoia is a justifiable state nay natural even & for those who don�t understand I�m mad & I�m dead it�s not what passes through us may be evil or the moon but for all their talk of legislating asteroid belts (some poets have no choice but to submit to the leather clampdowns clash reruns (i predict a flash of lightning followed by the numb acceleration of our particles through american airspaces despite secrecy & deniability all it takes to make spy satellites real is one group of astral enthusiasts (or nuts we�d like to call them train a telescope on the sky behold there�s something up there look at what�s inside your own brainstem before you mouth off about the                      technically insane


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