Bird Rain

bird rain from the hard steel sky no mercies!  no juggernaut rides whip roofs off the honey   powered winds jacked western highways blinds    radio reports looping abstract delays shutter     whirr powers fail electricity rains down hail      bird lightning in its wings sonar burns one       staccato bullet trained in space collides with        tree flower crooked bolts feedback lots drawn         & hung fenceposts moving horizontally spares          horses inside panic braces streamlets emerge           giant rains lash perimeters & allotments while            telegraph poles cartwheel velocities unknown             earth solid bird clouds enveloping hills in              feather mists rain vomits birds cracked necks               on underwater lawns marinas invade the oceans                of black bird rain cellars stuffed with human                 remains short wave useless bird rains continue                  coast guards sliced ribbons of steel flesh                   rain cascading down sparks elevated windmill                    saw clean ruptured skies bird rain bird rain


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