My first podcast!

I'm currently experimenting with podcasting via the CastPost (Alpha) service and this is my first attempt. Hopefully, you should somehow be able to download a version of my poem "My Body Is A Radio" (click here to read the lyrics as I speak the words!) in mp3 format. The poem was recorded live at Babble on February 1, 2006 by the jaw-droppingly funky Mr Sean M. Whelan. Leave a comment and let me know if/how/why you liked/disliked it. Oh and if you have any technical problems leave a comment too. Okay just leave a freaking comment. I won't bite. UPDATE: there seem to be some gremlins in the machine (not so unusual for a free service). If you click on the track and let it run through once, then play it again, it should work fine the second time.

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sarah said…
hey, it's exciting... but I can't get the streaming to work on my computer. It seems to download and play one second at a time.

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