in abendland our eyes only reflect the windows of real estate agencies couples roam there; small dogs shit wherever they like; everyone has a slightly bulging belly in abendland & guitar music is de rigeur; words like de rigeur are never used; rivers flow & wood are pictures hung up in galleries frequented on sundays & feastdays only; post offices never close; old audio cassettes remain relatively unavailable sought after only by newcomers; phone calls are monitored & can only be made from inside hastily-assembled booths; & there are no television channels - only movies with in-built & hard to avoid advertisements; girls wear stripes & old boots that make their ankles look skinny; boys maintain a gruff persona only enhanced by their permanent thirty six hour growths; love is an absence, or closing time; garbage piles up but nobody seems concerned in abendland; beer comes in bottles that the homeless can collect & then exchange for pennies or one more beer; poetry has not yet been invented nor cricket which would be absurd; simply wait in line for your university qualification; break your baguettes in half so that they fit more easily inside plastic bags; buy slippers that muffle the sounds your feet make as they pace the confines of your apartements; but never sleep or smoke or stare - here in abendland staring is only for real estate agents & couples looking through windows & the poor little turkish boys in our dreams


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