come one come all! to work in our factories! for in all of craptastica™ we do have millions! funnels & chimneys! plasticine assemblies! shift work! free health care! & twice yearly holidays! (see brochure!) we specialise in wares bound for two dollar shops or anywhere the crazy bargain prevails & you are an important cog in this wheel of fortunate gadgets & gizmos! artificial scents & tea- towels! - industrial strength citizens! will consume all you produce! & you in turn will also consume other crap! such as small plastic objects also wrapped in plastic! fine layers of craptstica™ will one day be discovered in bedrock! landfill perfumes! watches designed never to work! as selling agents you will be sent on junkets to your homelands! we will provide all the blank cheques you need! no dull stares now! impermeable surfaces! on impeccable whiteboards plan massive advertising campaigns! one day! you will emigrate here! & all of this will! be! yours!


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