We Were Really Here

dad gives me the signal & so i walk slowly towards the table at the outdoor bar - my mum's already there so we sit down & order drinks ... it's all normal but i don't look coz dad said just act natural ... out of the corner of my eye i can see him focussing the handycam on our table (a perfect family scene) & then comes a long slow pan across the other tables the street the city - finally it's over & he comes to sit with us obviously 'a wrap' ... he smokes cigarettes settles the bill & then it's time to move on - he goes first leaving an unextinguished butt in the ashtray - i stare at it until mum leads me away ... little to i care but as we walk back to our pansion i'm imagining the smoke rising from the table the ring of empty drink bottles then finally the waiter coming to clear it all away leaving not a trace of our transaction & no proof that we were really here


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