What�s the story, Ludwig? Have you found a perfect View? What did you have For supper last night? & did The swans tow your body to Sleep? What did you find in The gothic skylines above Your wooden wagerian bed? Could you go once fantasy Faded? Did you hear music In the reconstructions of Tristan & isolde on the walls? Upon which bridge did your Sad life end & was that man Present there to take your Picture? Did the railings fail? Could you see that waterfall Between the planks, behind Your footsteps? Did you land Safely in the spruce? & do the Pines support your weight? & Do the swans know your name? & what will become of those shining door handles, forever cocked like loaded pistols? What is the time there & what are you wearing? Are the palace corridors cold? When will it be finished, your collosal tribute? Will they allow you to grow old?


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