you say millions now living will never die can one of you please explain how come the rest of us are going to disappear from the face of this earth because we will you know disappear that is don�t think i�ll ever get a reply still it�s worth asking the tough questions every once in a while just to let them know you�re still kicking no i�m not dead yet though i may as well be if time is an abstract as they say we�ll never know who the living ones will be say could we say bye to cold hard feelings celebrations lamentation put an end to worrying & all that gas is maybe not quite appropriate in the context of euthanasia maybe not quite part of the lexicon yet but soon will be & soon we�ll disappear off the face of this earth & you tell me someone else�s got a green light yellow jersey 3rd wind frequent liver bonus life must be drizzle for you, waiting for it to stop when will my bonus life kick in when a terrorist hijacks my plane sets off a bomb killing all of us & will i really die? no of course not you�ll simply disappear never fear there�s plenty of us down here waiting for your immortal friends to appear on 2nd thoughts i�d rather be plankton that way at least i could disappear in the sea & you�ll see a blue whale & inside it me


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