When You Go Away

i will be playing enya in my head i�m sorry i know it sounds corny but she�s there as well as you mo radh there�s no point denying it i love clannad can�t put a finger on it wreathed in shadows fogs bats & crooked crosses stranger mists than these in fact sinead�s there too (along with st patrick oh & cuchulain in a sacred text i am a pilgrim from darker ages the waterboys were a top band it�s a pity wb yeats will not be available in airport paperback collected editions for i�m sure he�ll be there with me while his irish airman foresees our fates though country miles do come between us pan pipes will still play or wail my synthesiser has a banshee button i will press it plead for oscar wilde�s release on a minor technicality (craic was found in my possession & tho they�re sure to isolate me don�t let any orinoco tears flow at customs i�ll declare nothing for i�m far from my homeland & you as enya sails away don�t look back I�m a lonesome boat man no longer beset by furies foster & allen will you promise me you�ll listen to watermark every day until we meet again


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