Yesterday's Armies

even yesterday there was a tomorrow but that's today and now yesterday has no tomorrow only something like the days before when armies were just as foreign as something in a foreign newspaper that (torn down contained news from our foreign wars that happened days before or even some time in that crystal future's past - denied its presence or even a concession once expected now overdue or lacking it's always missing: the beat of an army's drum that kept it moving in time & in a space where yesterday gunboats patrolled these banks & outlets today container ships blast sirens or horns to warn approaching vessels filled with armies of mud gold & leather buckles swords & rusty cannon shots across the bow of now (eradicated capitals that yesterday's tourists rebuilt desolate worn-down town filled with flowers in upturned helmets (we surrender


Sean M Whelan said…
"across the bow of now" - nice one Davey.

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