Some Chinese Signs That Speak For Themselves

Life saving box at the Star Ferry wharf, Hong Kong Apparently this one discourages people from leaning on the door of the bus but it looks more like an anti-terrorism message to me - courtesy of Wuhan airport The globules of spit get smaller the further they get from your mouth Awesome Nike subversion on the fashion streets of Jishuitan, Beijing Please form an orderly queue - that means you, Chrissie Amphlett Um, so what can you do? Note trumpets are banned in this park - shame, Beijing, shame. ... and starts breakdancings.


Sean M Whelan said…
i like the one prohibiting spoken word performances second from the top. how many times have you wished for one of those?
Anonymous said…
How many times? Probably every time I've attended an Indifferent Cheeks reading or a Wakers Seance. Make 'em mandatory!


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